Falcon-i, Pakistan’s leading car and vehicle tracking company partnered with Deliverydevs to develop sophisticated and updated software solutions. This partnership aimed to enhance Falcon-i’s asset-tracking capabilities across web and mobile platforms, ensuring seamless integration with existing systems and offering strong performance for their outstanding customer service.

Solution Overview

Deliverydevs delivered a comprehensive cross-domain solution, including a software product creation optimized for both online and mobile (Android/ iOS) platforms. This software enables real-time asset tracking and seamlessly interacts with current systems via strong APIs.

Key Performance Highlights:


The system easily supports the reporting of 150,000 concurrent devices to Falcon-i’s server, demonstrating its scalability.

Data Processing

Efficiently processes more than 60 million records daily, indicating strong data processing skills and the capacity to manage large data volumes.

Query Execution

Reports needing an average of 50,000 records are created in 3 seconds, demonstrating the system’s improved query execution performance.

User Base

70,000 consumers actively utilize mobile applications, suggesting significant acceptance and satisfaction.

API calls

The system processes over 5,000 API calls every day, delivering consistent performance for integration activities.

Push Notifications:

Sends 50,000 push notifications every day, keeping users informed and engaged.

Cyber Security


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Technology Stack:


MSSQL with Master-Slave Replication.

Development Languages

.NET MVC, .NET Core, Java, Kotlin, Swift.

Push Notifications


Software Development Practices

Agile, Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment (CI/CD), Version Control.



Project Management


Other Tools

Kubernetes, Docker, Google Maps, Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager.

Infrastructure & Operations:

High Availability

HPE’s newest hardware and VMware hypervisor were integrated to achieve high availability.

Network optimization

Creating a network infrastructure to optimize and improve network performance while streamlining resource consumption.

SIEM Integration:

Implementing SIEM with Office365 and essential IT assets and combining Network IDS (Suricata) with SIEM to automate threat-hunting rules.

SOC Operations

Providing help to the IT team on establishing mail flow and creating effective SPAM filter rules in Office 365, as well as document collaboration and SharePoint training sessions.

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DevOps Services:

CI/CD Process

Creating a Continuous Integration/Continuous Deployment methodology to enable faster and more efficient software releases.

Other Containerization

Containerizing microservices using a variety of platforms, including Java,.NET Core, and others, to improve scalability and deployment flexibility.

SecOps pipelines

Creating SecOps pipelines coupled with SonarQube to perform rigorous security evaluations throughout the development lifecycle.

Cost Optimization:

Training and Open Source Implementation

Trained IT personnel and adopted open-source tools such as Zabbix, Prometheus, and Grafana to monitor physical and containerized applications.

Configuration Management

Deliverydevs has used Ansible AWX to control system and network device configurations.

Wi-Fi Solution Design and Implementation:

Heat Mapping and Signal Analysis

Created heat maps to display and analyze Wi-Fi signal strength and coverage to optimize network planning and performance.

Usage Trends and Optimizations

Usage Trends and Optimizations:We analyzed trends in use and applied Grandstream Wi-Fi solutions to ensure optimal and efficient wireless networking.

SSID and VLAN Configuration

We configured various SSIDs and VLANs to create a fully segregated Wi-Fi network.

Software Suite Deployed

  • Software Development
  • IT Infrastructure Layout
  • UI/UX Design

What Client Says

Saad Salman - CEO of Falcon-i

The transformation of our operations with the comprehensive services provided by Deliverydevs has been nothing short of remarkable. From application development, mobile and web app development, website creation, and DevOps to cybersecurity and ERP services, Deliverydevs has delivered exceptional results. We now have a comprehensive view of our security landscape, enabling us to proactively address threats and vulnerabilities. The seamless integration and expert guidance from Deliverydevs have given us the confidence to navigate the complex world of technology and cybersecurity with ease.

Final Words

The collaboration between Falcon-i and Deliverydevs highlights the development of high-performance, scalable, and integrated solutions customized to complicated asset tracking requirements. The comprehensive system and infrastructure modifications have considerably enhanced Falcon-i’s operating efficiency and customer happiness, putting them in a strong position in the vehicle tracking sector.