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Do you find it difficult to stay on schedule with your software development projects? Do communication gaps, budget breaks, and missed deadlines occur? Deliverydevs is aware that technical expertise alone is not enough to deliver projects successfully in the modern IT environment. Our goal is to make your projects succeed, and we lead the industry in providing comprehensive project management services.

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Proven Benefits of Project Management Services


Improved Efficiency and Productivity

Project management services bring order to chaos. By careful project planning your team concentrates on what matters most allocating resources, and managing tasks, which increases productivity and efficiency.


Lower Expenses and Enhanced ROI

Resources might be lost due to unmanaged initiatives. We closely follow your budget, and project management services help you save costs and increase your return on investment (ROI).

Faster Time-to-Market: Speed is critical in the current competitive environment.  Project management services provide you with a competitive edge by streamlining processes and removing bottlenecks, reducing the time to market.


Risk Reduction and Proactive Issue Resolution

Project management consultants have the skill to recognize and address before they cause disruptions to your project. With a proactive stance, you may prevent costly delays and maintain project momentum.


Superior Quality and Enhanced Client Satisfaction

Project management services guarantee that your software development projects are completed to the highest standards while following established procedures and quality control procedures.  This results in an improved end product and higher client satisfaction.

Deliverydevs Next-Level Project Management Services

Technical Project Management

Our team is very knowledgeable about the software development lifecycle (SDLC). With the use of this expertise, we can carefully design and carry out your projects, making sure they follow accepted best practices and procedures. We approach risk reduction proactively, seeing any obstacles early on and resolving them before they affect your development. This translates into effective project management, ensuring timely delivery and financial compliance.

Software Development Consulting Services

We provide multiple professional consulting services that are specifically suited to the requirements of your software development projects, going above and beyond standard project management.  Our experts can help you apply Agile approaches (like Scrum) to encourage flexibility and ongoing development through the product development lifecycle.  They may also offer insightful advice to optimize your application development methods and infrastructure (upgrades). This all-encompassing strategy guarantees that your project achieves its short-term objectives and has a strong basis for long-term success.

Business Consulting

We know that software development projects are part of a broader business framework.  You may close the gap between project goals and your ultimate company objectives with the assistance of our team of business advisors.  They may help define specific project goals aligned with your business plan, ensuring that your software adds value and reaches your larger organizational objectives.

IT Service Management (ITSM)

Our method also incorporates the IT Service Management (ITSM) principles. With the help of an ITSM framework, IT services may be elevated from a technical barrier to a strategic business role that synchronizes with the company’s goals. This means that throughout the project, an emphasis will be placed on proactive problem-solving, continuous development, and transparent communication.  We guarantee the seamless operation of your IT infrastructure by incorporating ITSM concepts and offering a solid basis for fruitful software development initiatives.

Additional Project Management Services by Deliverydevs

Project Management Software Selection and Implementation

To increase project visibility and expedite workflows, we can assist you in selecting the appropriate project management solutions.

Solutions for Freelance Project Management

We utilize a network of highly qualified independent project managers to match the demands of your team.

Personalized Project Management Software

We can create project management software customized to your unique procedures and workflows.

Exceptional Project Management Consultancy. Customized & Budget-Friendly Solutions.


Vurke website

VURKE INC. underwent a comprehensive IT infrastructure upgrade to improve security, scalability, and manageability. The project included virtualizing resources with Hyper-V, deploying an on-premises Active Directory for user and resource management with seamless Azure AD integration, and implementing Group Policy for centralized control. Additionally, BitLocker encryption and Microsoft Defender were deployed to enhance data security, while Office 365 with Intune and MDM provided secure collaboration tools and mobile device management. Finally, a SIEM solution with Wazuh ensured proactive threat detection and efficient incident response. This multifaceted approach has resulted in a robust and secure IT environment for VURKE INC.


Unveil Your Project Management Blindspots. Claim Your Complimentary Consultation & Custom Solutions

Receive a personalized package featuring our process insights, client testimonials, and success stories, as well as actionable recommendations tailored to your project requirements.

Our Systematic Process- Guiding Your Projects to Success

Cooperative Strategy & Launch

We establish project objectives, schedules, and budgets with you. We identify risks, set clear objectives, and suggest the best practices and resources through candid dialogue and workshops.

Agile Development and Ongoing Enhancement

Agile scrum project management methodology is what we support since it is adaptable and flexible. Our team uses an iterative process to promote continuous improvement while carefully managing activities and monitoring progress.

Risk Control & Proactive Issue Resolution

We anticipate obstacles and take proactive measures to remove them, including backup plans if something goes wrong. Maintaining open communication guarantees that you are aware of any problems and suggested fixes

Quality Assurance and Delivery

Strict quality control procedures used at every stage of the software’s lifetime ensure satisfying the highest requirements.  Before providing a finished product that is well documented, we run testing and verification procedures to guarantee functionality, performance, and security.

Continuous Support and Maintenance

Our dedication goes beyond finishing the project. We provide constant support and maintenance to get the most out of your software investment.

Collaborating to Ensure Project Success

We work with you to navigate each step of your project by adhering to this tried-and-true procedure, guaranteeing a successful and seamless voyage.  Let’s work together to realize the goals you have for your project.

Elevate Your Project Management with Award-Winning Consultancy Services.

Our expert consultancy teams implement proven methodologies at every stage of your project lifecycle, ensuring efficiency and success.

Why Deliverydevs?


Seasoned experts with years of project management expertise make up our team. Every project benefits from our extensive knowledge and experience, guaranteeing unmatched outcomes.

Customized Solutions

We know that one size does not fit all. For this reason, we provide personalized solutions to match your particular needs and goals. Whether you’re a large organization or a small startup, we cater to everyone.

Verified Performance Record

Our past performance is quite evident. We have effectively completed many tasks, from modest efforts to substantial, intricate undertakings. Our devoted customers attest to our dedication to quality and dependability.

Communication and Transparency

Transparency is vital to our approach. We keep the lines of communication open with our clients, giving them regular information on the status of the project, its milestones, and any difficulties. You’ll constantly be aware of the situation and able to make wise choices.

Affordable Solutions

We recognize the significance of financial limitations. We don’t sacrifice quality to optimize value with our economical solutions. We maximize efficiency and reduce waste in resource allocation to provide you with the most value for your money.

Facing Project Management Challenges?

Hire a seasoned project management consultant from our team to navigate complexities and ensure project success!



Technology, healthcare, banking, retail, and other sectors are just a few industries that Deliverydevs supports. Our customizable strategy allows us to meet the unique demands of each sector.

Deliverydevs stands out by its dedication to quality, transparency, and client fulfillment. We surpass expectations since we have a successful track record and a team of seasoned professionals.

It’s simple to get started with Deliverydevs! Discuss the specifics of your project, just contact us via our website, email, or phone. You and our team will create a solution specifically tailored to your goals and needs.

Yes, DeliveryDev provides a full range of consulting services, such as application development consulting, software security consulting, and business analysis.

DeliveryDev provides customized pricing plans to meet the demands of your project. We can talk about exact prices in a free consultation call.

Yes, DeliveryDev offers IT project management services to ensure successful software development projects.

Asana, Trello, Jira, and Microsoft Project are just a few platforms and tools we use to manage projects, fulfilling your needs.