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Are you prepared to take the next step in your DevOps practices? Look no further than DeliveryDevs’ DevOps managed services. We are here to take your company to new heights of productivity and creativity, from optimizing your continuous integration (CI) and continuous delivery (CD) to skillfully coordinating containerization. Additionally, GitOps, DevSecOps, AI/ML, and AI Ops are more of our comprehensive services. Software development life cycle (SDLC) processes like development, security, testing, and deployment can all be automated and managed by Deliverydevs.

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Trusted DevOps Consulting Services

Change how your company delivers software by collaborating with our cross-functional teams and accredited DevOps experts. We can help you at every stage, from strategy design and DevOps evaluation to end-to-end installment.

DevOps Services we Provide

At Deliverydevs, we are devoted to assisting businesses in transforming their software delivery and IT operations by implementing DevOps ideas and practices.


Continuous Delivery and Integration (CI/CD)

Code changes are delivered quickly and reliably by automating the software release process with CI/CD pipelines.


Infrastructure Management

Utilizing cutting-edge technologies and industry best practices to manage and optimize your infrastructure for increased scalability and performance.


Application Lifecycle Management

streamlining every step of the application lifecycle, from development to deployment, to guarantee effective and smooth cooperation.


Agile Methods

using agile approaches to encourage incremental and iterative development, encourage teamwork, and expedite the delivery of value to clients.



using automation’s power to get rid of manual labor, cut down on mistakes, and produce software more quickly.



putting containerization technologies like Kubernetes and Docker into practice to enhance scalability and ease of deployment in a variety of scenarios.


DevOps Consulting Services

Providing expert advice and help to firms looking to implement DevOps methods based on their individual goals and difficulties.


Evaluation of DevOps & Planning of Strategies

creating strategic roadmaps and conducting thorough audits to direct companies on their DevOps path.


Cloud and Application Management

Effectively managing cloud resources and apps to maximize cost, security, and performance.


Migration of Infrastructure

Helping businesses move their infrastructure to cloud platforms while guaranteeing a smooth transition and no downtime.


Complete DevOps Consultancy

Providing end-to-end consulting services to promote innovation and continuous improvement, from requirement collecting to implementation and continuing support.


Coordinated Assistance

Supplying continuing support and upkeep services to guarantee DevOps systems and processes run well.


Workflow Optimization

Examining and refining development processes to improve output, teamwork, and time to market.


Operational efficiency

Putting plans and instruments into action to increase ROI, cut expenses, and enhance operational efficiency.


Development Workflow

Creating and putting into practice specialized development workflows to increase software quality and speed of delivery.


Infrastructure monitoring

Putting in place reliable monitoring systems to proactively find and fix problems, guaranteeing peak performance and dependability.

Delivering elegant and scalable DevOps solutions at best-in-industry pricing


Website Development

Vurke website

VURKE INC. underwent a comprehensive IT infrastructure upgrade to improve security, scalability, and manageability. The project included virtualizing resources with Hyper-V, deploying an on-premises Active Directory for user and resource management with seamless Azure AD integration, and implementing Group Policy for centralized control. Additionally, BitLocker encryption and Microsoft Defender were deployed to enhance data security, while Office 365 with Intune and MDM provided secure collaboration tools and mobile device management. Finally, a SIEM solution with Wazuh ensured proactive threat detection and efficient incident response. This multifaceted approach has resulted in a robust and secure IT environment for VURKE INC.


Discover Our DevOps Approach

We will gladly provide a customized package detailing our process, client references, case studies, and practical recommendations tailored to your specific needs.

Our Key DevOps tools

Continuous integration (CI) tools

CI systems such as Jenkins, GitLab CI, and CircleCI automate the process of integrating code changes into a shared repository, allowing teams to identify and correct integration issues early in the development cycle.

Continuous delivery (CD) tools

CD solutions such as Spinnaker, AWS CodePipeline, and Octopus Deploy automate the process of deploying programs to production environments, resulting in faster and more reliable software delivery.

Configuration Management Tools

Ansible, Puppet, and Chef are configuration management technologies that automate the provisioning and administration of infrastructure and application configurations, promoting consistency and scalability.

Containerization Tools

Containerization systems such as Docker and Kubernetes enable enterprises to package and deliver applications in lightweight, portable containers, allowing for efficient deployment and scalability across a variety of environments.

Premier DevOps Services

Deliver consistent results. Engage in real-time collaboration. Enhance your workflows. Team up with DeliveryDevs.

Popular DevOps Platforms


GitLab is a comprehensive DevOps platform that includes built-in CI/CD pipelines, version control using Git repositories, issue tracking, code review, and collaboration tools all in one application.

GitHub Actions

GitHub Actions is a CI/CD and automation tool that integrates directly into GitHub, allowing developers to automate processes, and build, test, and deploy code straight from their repositories.

Azure DevOps

Azure DevOps is a cloud-based DevOps platform with tools for planning, collaboration, CI/CD, and monitoring, such as Azure Pipelines, Boards, Repos, Artifacts, and Test Plans.

AWS DevOps

At Deliverydevs, our professional support team is ready around the clock to help and guide you when you need it. Whether you have a query about your cybersecurity plan or need emergency support in responding to a cyber attack, we’re here to help.

Jenkins X

Jenkins X is a Kubernetes-native continuous integration and delivery platform for cloud-native apps that includes automated CI/CD pipelines, GitOps workflows, and connection with Kubernetes clusters.

Google Cloud Build

Google Cloud Build is a fully managed CI/CD platform that automates the process of developing, testing, and deploying apps on Google Cloud Platform. It also supports interaction with GitHub and Bitbucket repositories.

Have a DevOps Project for Us?

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The Integrated Value We Add

Expert Guidance

Our certified DevOps consultants have considerable experience and knowledge to help you navigate every step of your DevOps journey. From the initial evaluation to strategy design and implementation, we offer experienced advice targeted to your specific needs and objectives.

Tailored Solutions

We recognize that each organization is unique, with its own set of issues, restrictions, and goals. That is why we take a personalized approach to each client relationship, providing unique solutions that address your specific needs and assist you in achieving your company goals.

Improved collaboration

We encourage collaboration and communication within your firm, removing silos between development and operations departments. Our cross-functional strategy promotes teamwork, transparency, and shared accountability, resulting in improved outcomes and increased efficiency.

Improved quality and reliability

We help you increase the quality and stability of your software by implementing continuous integration, testing, and deployment. By automating testing and deployment processes and providing strong monitoring and observability solutions, we reduce errors and ensure your applications’ stability and performance.

DevOps Data Insights and
Business Impacts

Accelerated Time to Market

We assist businesses in reducing time to market and delivering high-quality software by integrating agile principles, automation, and CI/CD pipelines. Our streamlined processes and efficient workflows allow you to respond swiftly to changing market needs and keep up with the competition.

Cost optimisation

We assist you in optimizing your IT operations and infrastructure to reduce expenses while increasing ROI. We allow you to scale resources dynamically, avoid waste, and pay only for what you use by using cloud platforms, containerization, and infrastructure as code.

Mitigating Risks

We assist you in identifying and mitigating risks connected with DevOps processes and infrastructure. Our security and compliance experience, combined with best practices in risk management, ensures your systems’ security, compliance, and resilience.

Continuous improvement

DevOps is more than simply a one-time effort; it is a path of continual progress and innovation. We work with you every step of the way, offering continuous assistance, monitoring, and optimization to help you evolve and adapt to changing business needs and technological trends.

DevOps Done Right. Faster Delivery, Fewer Headaches.

Bridge the gap between development and operations for rapid deployments and a reliable infrastructure. Our experts help you achieve continuous delivery and a competitive edge



Containerization is a lightweight, portable, and separated approach to packaging and deploying programs and their dependencies. It is useful in DevOps because it allows for uniform environments across development, testing, and production, helps to scale, and optimizes resource utilization.

Deployment Pipelines are automated pipelines that manage the creation, testing, and deployment of software modifications. They help DevOps techniques by ensuring visibility, consistency, and traceability across the software development lifecycle, from code commit to production deployment.

The Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC) includes the phases of planning, development, testing, deployment, and maintenance of software. DevOps approaches seek to streamline and automate these processes, fostering collaboration between development and operations teams to produce software more effectively and consistently.

Cross-functional teams bring together people with a wide range of skills and knowledge, such as developers, operations engineers, testers, and business stakeholders. They work closely together to offer value to clients efficiently and effectively, breaking down silos and encouraging shared accountability across the software delivery lifecycle.

DevOps methods like CI/CD may automate the application delivery process, making deployments quicker and more reliable. DevOps techniques seek to automate IT operations processes, enhance monitoring and troubleshooting, and streamline the whole IT operations lifecycle.

Continuous integration is vital because it enables teams to quickly find and resolve errors, enhances communication, and assures a consistent and dependable codebase. Continuous Delivery is the process of automatically releasing code updates to production or staging environments after passing a set of automated tests. While Continuous Integration focuses on merging code changes regularly, Continuous Delivery goes a step further by automating the deployment process, allowing teams to deliver software more quickly and consistently.