Advanced Cybersecurity Services

Deliverydevs provides comprehensive cybersecurity services to continuously safeguard your digital assets. While offering cybersecurity solutions to protect your company from numerous cyber threats, our dedicated cybersecurity experts and qualified cybersecurity consultants allow you to concentrate on your primary business goals. Whether you want support with the availability of security operations centers, SIEM (Security Information and Event Management), or anything else, we are here to help protect you from any cyber risks.

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Our Cybersecurity Service Offerings

From cybersecurity monitoring to malware protection, our offerings encompass a broad spectrum of solutions aimed at fortifying your digital defenses. With our information security measures, we ensure the confidentiality and integrity of your sensitive data, while our network security services safeguard your infrastructure against unauthorized access. Additionally, we offer Identity and Access Management (IAM), Threat Intelligence (SIEM), Data Loss Prevention (DLP), and others. So, with Deliverydevs, you can trust in robust cybersecurity measures designed to keep your organization secure.


Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing

Deliverydevs thoroughly evaluates your systems, networks, and applications to find flaws and vulnerabilities. We use penetration testing to assess how well your current security measures are working by simulating real-world threats.


Security Audits and Compliance Assessments

With thorough audits and evaluations, we help customers examine their security posture. A key component of our service is guaranteeing adherence to industry best practices and laws like HIPAA, ISO 27001, GDPR, and others.


Security Awareness and Threat Intelligence

To teach staff members cybersecurity best practices, Deliverydevs creates and delivers customized security awareness training courses. We develop a security-conscious culture within enterprises to limit the risk of human mistakes.


Forensics and Incident Response

When there is a security issue, such as a data breach or cybercrime, our incident response services assist clients in responding and recovering efficiently. We carry out digital forensics investigations to find the source of issues and collect proof for court cases.


Security Architecture and Design

For their IT systems and networks, we help customers develop and execute safe architectures. We reduce risks and safeguard sensitive data by implementing security technology and policies.


Security Risk Assessment and Management

Deliverydevs does thorough risk assessments to detect and prioritize cybersecurity issues. To minimize threats that have been identified and improve overall security posture, we create risk management plans.


Consultancy and Advisory Services for Security

Our knowledgeable cybersecurity consulting services assist customers in creating and using efficient security plans and strategies. We provide customized advice on governance, risk management, and compliance programs.


Cloud Security Solutions

We assist customers with cloud environment security, including SaaS, PaaS, and IaaS solutions. We reduce cloud-related security risks with our architectural evaluations, continuous monitoring services, and cloud security assessments.


Deliverydevs’s Well-Managed Security Services

Apart from thorough cybersecurity services, we are providing proactive monitoring and end-to-end security management. Here is the list of our managed security services:

  • Security Assessment
  • Monthly VAPT Report to Ensure Infrastructure Security
  • Auto-Threatening Hunting Rules for False/Positive Alarms
  • Ongoing monitoring, detection, and response services through a managed security operations center (SOC)
  • Provide 24/7 monitoring of client’s networks and systems for security threats and incidents, with proactive threat-hunting and incident-response capabilities

Unmatched Cybersecurity Solutions. Tailored & Cost-Effective.


VURKE INC. underwent a comprehensive IT infrastructure upgrade to improve security, scalability, and manageability. The project included virtualizing resources with Hyper-V, deploying an on-premises Active Directory for user and resource management with seamless Azure AD integration, and implementing Group Policy for centralized control. Additionally, BitLocker encryption and Microsoft Defender were deployed to enhance data security, while Office 365 with Intune and MDM provided secure collaboration tools and mobile device management. Finally, a SIEM solution with Wazuh ensured proactive threat detection and efficient incident response. This multifaceted approach has resulted in a robust and secure IT environment for VURKE INC.

Uncover Your Cybersecurity blindspots. Get a Free Security Assessment & Tailored Solutions

We will eagerly send a tailored pack of our process descriptions, client references, and case studies, as well as provide practical recommendations for your particular case.


OUR Cyber Defense Process

Initial Consultation & Assessment

Recognizing customer demands and evaluating the cybersecurity infrastructure.

Customized Solution Design

Customizing a cybersecurity solution to meet certain goals and difficulties.

Implementation & Integration

Deploying and integrating the solution with little disturbance to your existing IT infrastructure.

Awareness and Training

Training staff members on threat identification and cybersecurity best practices.

Ongoing Monitoring & Maintenance

Maintaining and updating cybersecurity precautions constantly.

Incident Response

Quickly responding to cybersecurity events and applying the required solutions.

Continuous Improvement

Reviewing and improving procedures often to keep up with new developments in technology and threats

Enhance Your Cybersecurity with Award-Winning Nearshore Expertise.

Our nearshore teams implement robust security protocols at every stage of the development lifecycle.



At Deliverydevs, we are a team of dedicated cybersecurity professionals with extensive experience in cyber resilience across several industries. We bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the table, allowing us to design and implement effective cybersecurity solutions suited to your requirements.


We recognize that each company is unique, with its own set of cybersecurity concerns and needs. That is why we approach each customer uniquely, designing personalized solutions to meet their individual goals and ambitions.

Proactive Approach

We believe in adopting a proactive approach to cybersecurity rather than simply responding to emerging threats. We discover and mitigate possible vulnerabilities through continuous monitoring, threat information collection, and risk assessments before they are exploited by cyber attackers.

Responsive Support

At Deliverydevs, our professional support team is ready around the clock to help and guide you when you need it. Whether you have a query about your cybersecurity plan or need emergency support in responding to a cyber attack, we’re here to help.

Commitment to excellence

We are dedicated to delivering excellence in all aspects of our business, from service quality to client satisfaction. Our mission is to surpass your expectations and keep your business secure and robust to cyber attacks.

Cyber Security Monthly Service

We understand the stress that the current digital environment can bring, which is why we prioritize your peace of mind by ensuring your cybersecurity. To address this concern, we have integrated our managed cybersecurity service into our monthly budget to make it affordable for you. Here’s what you can anticipate from our dependable and reassuring cybersecurity services

Continuous Vigilance

Our experienced cybersecurity specialists will monitor your systems, networks, and apps around the clock to ensure that any possible security risks or suspicious actions are detected and responded to promptly.

Proactive Defense Measures

We work relentlessly to block cyber attacks before they pose a threat to your organization, ensuring the safety of your data.

Regular Security Updates and Maintenance

Regular security upgrades, software maintenance, and rigorous systems can help you stay one step ahead of cyber threats. Our team guarantees that your digital infrastructure is protected against new vulnerabilities and attacks.

Have a Cybersecurity Challenge?

Hire a skilled cybersecurity expert from our team to protect and secure your digital assets!



Deliverydevs enhances your company’s cybersecurity by providing proactive monitoring and threat detection services, which ensure that possible security issues are discovered and treated quickly. We protect your digital infrastructure from new dangers by conducting frequent vulnerability assessments and effective patch management, reducing the risk of data breaches and cyberattacks. In addition, our strategic planning and security consulting services offer specialized counsel to establish comprehensive cybersecurity plans that are specifically aligned with your company’s objectives, allowing you to confidently overcome security problems.

Vulnerability assessments and penetration testing are necessary components of any effective cybersecurity strategy. Vulnerability assessments involve regularly checking systems, networks, or applications for identified risks and flaws using automated methods. The primary goal is to help enterprises gain a full understanding of their safety record.

In contrast, penetration testing matches real-world online threats to evaluate the efficiency of security measures, which keeps it a step ahead of vulnerability assessments by actively evaluating the system’s resistance to attacks and providing a thorough assessment of security defenses. Both behaviors are critical to ensuring the integrity and efficacy of cybersecurity safeguards.

Businesses face several cybersecurity issues, such as malware attacks and insider threats. Deliverydevs thoroughly addresses these difficulties. Our endpoint solutions protect against malware infections, while our firewall management and intrusion detection systems prevent denial-of-service attacks. Furthermore, we deploy access control mechanisms and conduct frequent security assessments to prevent insider risks, allowing firms to maintain a strong cybersecurity position in the face of emerging threats.

Deliverydevs cybersecurity monitoring services cater to a wide range of industries, majorly focusing on healthcare cyber security services, finance, technology, government, retail, manufacturing, legal, education, energy, transportation, and logistics. These services are designed to meet each sector’s specific cybersecurity issues, such as preserving sensitive financial data, protecting patient information, securing critical facilities, and maintaining compliance with industry standards.

Security information is gathered, compiled, and examined by an SIEM system from several sources inside the IT architecture of a company. To provide actionable insights for threat detection, incident response, and compliance management, it correlates this data to find trends, anomalies, and possible security problems.

Log management, event correlation, real-time monitoring, threat intelligence integration, incident response automation, compliance reporting, and user activity monitoring are some of a SIEM system’s key functions.

Better threat detection and response capabilities, more visibility into security events and incidents, a shorter detection and reaction time to security threats, a stronger compliance posture, and greater overall security are all advantages of putting an SIEM system into place.

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